BYU-I 10th Anniversary

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Thousands of students gathered on the turf of the BYU-Idaho football field on July 7 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the school becoming a four-year university.
To commemorate the milestone, students arranged themselves to form the letters “BYU-I” and have a picture taken.

The picture, once edited and printed, will be permanently displayed in a large format within The Crossroads.

While the lines for students to stand in were taped off a couple of hours before the event, preparation began months before.

“A bit ago, the Student Representative Council wanted to find a way to unify the student body, to bring the spirit of Ricks to campus,” said Chris Luke, a freshman studying communication.

Luke played a large role in planning the event by heading the BYU-I Picture Committee, which was composed largely of other students involved in the SRC.

Preparation for the event involved a lot of work. On the days preceding the event, the committee was focused greatly on advertising.

The night before, they even went door-to-door, handing out flyers.

“[Previous to the event] I was super nervous. Last night, I didn’t get any sleep. I was even worried about it 20 minutes before the event, but when I saw all the people, I knew it’d be a success,” Luke said.

The committee estimated that two thousand students showed up to take part in this chapter of BYU-I’s history.

“It’s hard to unify the university with no sports. It was really cool to see all this come together and to have people be unified,” said Tanya Schaat, a freshman studying social work, who was also a part of the Picture Committee.

As students began to arrive, members of the committee were on the field and on top of the stadium organizing the students.

School spirit was found everywhere as students came dressed in school colors.
The University Store was also on hand to sell special BYU-I tenth anniversary shirts.
Emily Rush, a sophomore studying health science, was one of many students there, but one of few that managed to cram into the “dash.”

“I just loved the unity there and to be able to represent the dash,” Rush said.
Students were also proud to represent the school in an important part of its history.

“It was really cool to represent BYU-I now and for years in the future,” said Letty Wursten, a sophomore studying special education.

When everything was set up, a series of 22 pictures were taken.

Photo editing will be finished in about a month and then it will be sent to the printers.
Luke estimates that the picture will be put on display toward the end of the upcoming fall semester.

At the end of the night, Luke re-emphasized the motivation behind organizing the event.
“The whole reason we did this was to build unity.  When people see the picture they will remember that they were a part of history,” Luke said.

Source: BYU-I IComm


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