The blog will live on! (Hopefully…)

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Well this experience sure has been fun! At first I wasn’t fond of the idea of a blog. Indeed, after this class I was going to remove it altogether. Still, it would seem like a waste to remove it altogether… while I will still be removing the content on the photography page, this blog will stay. I can say it has been fun to write and post about things I love. Hopefully I can muster up the willpower to continue blogging, if not for my readers, for my own personal progress history. I hope you guys have enjoyed my posting thus far, and hope to keep posting later!

Jace and Cami

on Nov 18, 2012 in Blog | 6 comments

  Jace and Cami! I loved this photoshoot. We started out in a park in Salt Lake City. However, it started to get very cold and rainy so we opted to find somewhere a little more sheltered. We ended up at the Salt Lake City Library and wow what a find! The architecture and amount of variety for locations was awesome! Normal edits, color, vignettes, sharpening/blurring, etc. As far as photography is concerned it was a perfect day for shooting. Complete cloud cover! After the shoot we broke out the laptop and they picked their favorites. Normally a shoot like this takes ~ 2 weeks to turn around but some time opened up and viola. 1 hour shoot, and 1 day later, you have finished images ready to roll – Paul Chris...

My Thoughts on Portfolios

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Recently, I have been doing a lot of thinking about how to re-organize my photography portfolio. At the moment, I have all of my best photos in one big lightbox album (see http://paulchrisluke.com/photography/paul-chris-luke-photography/ ) I do this because from what I have seen, users will happily stay and flip through an album until the album runs out. Doing so is easy, and requires only the press of a right/left arrow. However, I have found that when a user is required to jump from category to category (ie portraits, landscape, etc), even with only one click the visiting time shortens. In short, I have found that my users are exposed to more of my work if all of it is accessible with one click. As such, I choose to put my very best work into one portfolio. So! I sit here wondering, should I subcategorize my work? Thoughts? -Paul Chris...

Family Portraits – The Stokers

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Boy was this photo shoot fun! I know the Stokers from my mission, I served in their ward for 9 months. A couple of weeks ago I was feeling the photography itch and posted a status on my facebook,”Anyone wanna do a photoshoot!?” The Stokers responded, I gave them a sweet “people I love a lot” discount, and we scheduled a time. Before the shoot, I asked about styles they liked from my portfolio, and location types they were looking for. They wanted a warm feel outdoor setting. We met at Liberty Park in Salt Lake and started shooting away. The kids were routy, so we tried to move location often to keep them entertained. I used natural light with a gold reflector for most of the shots. Afterwards, I let them look through the photos on the camera while I explained the details. 2 week turn around, how I would get the photos to them etc. While Kayla (the wife) looked...

Product Photography – Bread

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If you haven’t had Caryn Esplins artisan bread, you are missing out on a little piece of heaven! With these HDR shots I kept the hdr effect as natural as I could, using the technique to bring out contrast and details of the bread. Combining the darkest and brightest parts of the photos allows a great range on contrast which helps amplify the details of the subject matter, a HDR. Depending on your settings of HDR it can make the photo look artistic, cartoonie, etc. For these images I chose to keep the effect subtle. – Paul Chris...

Product Photography – Chuck A Rama

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There are very few things in this life better than a buffet when you are starving! The food was wonderful, and the photo ops aplenty! One unique thing I did is with the bacon noodles in camera raw. I added a lower saturation adjustment brush with a heavy feather. Instead of the normal darken the boarders, this left the only color in the middle of the frame, which achieves the same purpose of a vignette, drawing ones eye to the point of focus. -Paul Chris...