Movie Poster

on Oct 9, 2012 in Blog, Design | 0 comments

  I had a blast making this movie poster. Unfortunately my focus was more on creating a polished montage image rather than making a movie poster. Looking back, I should have taken a portrait framed photo rather than landscape, to give me more room for image content on the actual poster itself. However, the project was probably one of the most fun projects I have ever had. I first started by taking the picture of the fireball. Slow shutter speed and three spinning rings of fire did the trick. After cutting that out and having a good source of inspiration, I took the self-portrait.  I made sure the light source would be coming from the left side, as that is where I planned to place the fireball. I cut myself out, and burned/blurred the edges of my outline to get a smooth blending outline. I placed the background image (free stock photo available at deviantart.com), and then placed...

T-Shirt Design

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  This is a T-shirt design I made for those who support my evoliMusic project. I used a T-shirt template found online, and designed everything else myself in Adobe Illustrator. I started with the initial logo design. “evoli” is representative of two ideas. First, that evoliMusic is meant to be the next step is musical discovery, thus being a form of evolution in the industry. Second, “evoli” is “ilove” backwards. Combined, the name conveys the sense of change and love of music that the project means to achieve. As evoliMusic is a YouTube based show, I wanted to draw some of the design elements from YouTube itself:   As you can see, I took the same plain text followed by logo text format. I changed the colors to match our theme, and added a gradient to give the background logo a 3 dimensional shape. I added strokes to both “evoli” and “music” to give it some contrast so it wouldn’t...

Advertising Campaign – SmartWater

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For this advertising campaign I wanted to play off the Smart Water ideals. It is pure, filtered, and theoretically, smart. Adding a touch of humor, I used some surprised or disgusted baby photos to give the ad a humorous angle in the light of some slightly disturbing facts. That is, the uncleanliness of average tap water… in this case, California’s. The ads are easily reproduced, as the amount of crazy baby faces could literally be infinite. I was pleased with the results, and feel they would increase awareness, and sales of Smart...