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While many things within site are things that I enjoy to do, evoliMusic takes all those passions and combines them into one project. This project defines what I want to do with my life. Please take a moment, visit my Kickstarter Page, and let me know what you think (not live yet)!

iCover (concert)

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“Best thing to happen to the music scene on campus in years.” – Jackie Bailey, student. Once upon a time there was a school which held regular concerts every semester. While every show had quality performers, there was a missing element in every concert, the electric guitar. Students in time passed had lobbied countless times for a change in policy to allow the electric guitar. Every plea was rejected. It was during the Spring semester of 2011 that I was asked to attempt to change the policy. In a discussion with other students about the possibility of electric guitars becoming allowed, many students and faculty shared the same feeling, “It’s been tried before, and all have failed.” It was at this moment that a student perked up, “It’s never been tried by Chris Luke.” After initial discussions I was able to uncover the top three reasons the school felt uncomfortable with...

Dodgeball World Record Attempt

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“I never thought something like this could be pulled off… leave it to Chris Luke to come with a massive dodgeball event, get it approved, and pull it off perfectly.” – Jace Kasteler, participant. In the small northern town of Rexburg, ID. there are very few sporting activities one might consider playing mid-blizzard. Football is benched, Frisbee is postponed, and golf most certainly takes a rain check. As such, many students are left yearning for an outlet to play. Sure, basketball, racquetball, and studying are still around, but as a whole many students are left wanting. As such, I found myself in a position where students and faculty alike would come to me, wanting me to create an activity which would appeal to most of the campus population, and satisfy that yearning for competitive play. I sat down, and cooked up a massive dodgeball event. Sure, we had small games already in place....

BYU-I 10th Anniversary

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  Thousands of students gathered on the turf of the BYU-Idaho football field on July 7 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the school becoming a four-year university. To commemorate the milestone, students arranged themselves to form the letters “BYU-I” and have a picture taken. The picture, once edited and printed, will be permanently displayed in a large format within The Crossroads. While the lines for students to stand in were taped off a couple of hours before the event, preparation began months before. “A bit ago, the Student Representative Council wanted to find a way to unify the student body, to bring the spirit of Ricks to campus,” said Chris Luke, a freshman studying communication. Luke played a large role in planning the event by heading the BYU-I Picture Committee, which was composed largely of other students involved in the SRC. Preparation for the event involved a lot...