Thesis – Pictures Build Memories

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    Abstract The desire to remember past events has been a defining trait of the human race ever since its beginnings. However, the ability to remember events long gone has always been a struggle for mankind. The writer asserts that the reason we remember certain events in our history is not necessarily because of the significance of the events, but rather the fact that we have visible evidence which prompts the memory of those events. These visual cues can date as far back as ancient cave paintings, to drawings on papyrus, to renaissance murals, or even modern photography. The writer will show that having visual cues to remember events allows us to remember the event with greater clarity and fondness. Through modern neuroscience and the study of the human brain, science has proven that parts of the brain which store and develop memories benefit greatly when there is a picture...

Body Language (Feature Writing)

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The Birds and Bees, There’s Something To It!   During my freshmen year of college, I was a recently returned missionary at BYU-Idaho. Succumbing to the environment of “BYU-I-Do,” I fell into the dating game. As I sought for dates, I went with the method hammered into my head from the mission… invite, invite, invite, and eventually you’ll find someone “golden” who will accept that invitation! The only difference was that in this, a sea of datable women, almost everyone would accept the invitation for a date at least once! Rebecca was one such girl. Excitedly, she accepted my invitation for a date to the park. We bought snow cones, I taught her a song on the ukulele, and she taught me how to do a cartwheel. Excited from the “wonderful time” she said she had, I to asked her out again. Busy, busy, busy… that was always the answer! How could this be? In our conversations she always...