Cinimagraph #2 – Shelby

on Oct 6, 2012 in Blog | 1 comment

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After completing my first cinimagraph, I thought I would try it again. I learned that the moving part should not have a object that could move in its background. I learned that the movement should be a looping process in its own respect. This was my second attempt to nail those aspects of cinimagraphs. The second thing I learned in round two is that video requires much less light than photo’s. After taking a few video shots I wanted to get some still shots. The dim light forced me into the 6400 iso, which left me with grainy photos. My own logic would tell me this is because on a photo the shutter must open and close to capture the light, where video is constantly open.This little tidbit of knowledge made me want to experience with taking video in low light situations, and taking frames out of the video… I wonder if it would work?

1 Comment

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