Cinimagraph – Tori

on Oct 3, 2012 in Blog | 2 comments

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Cinemagraph Tori Brush Teeth Paul Chris Luke Photography

Boy! This cinimagraph taught me a lot about video/animation! I liked the idea of brushing teeth, but looking back on it now I realized it probably wasn’t the best choice. I think the key that I will try with future cinimagraphs is to choose subjects which you intend to animate that don’t have too much subject matter behind them. Still, I enjoyed the project, as it opened my eyes to a lot of key principles in case I ever get into video. I captured the video, froze a frame and masked out the hand/brush motion. Used lower opacity brushes as I closed in on the brush. Added light catch lights to the overlay images to Tori’s eyes. Desaturated for a “morning” look, and brightened the photo. I also removed some distracting objects from the top left part of the images by using the eyedropper and brush tool to paint in the wall a solid color.


  1. Oakley Jones

    October 5, 2012

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    I love this cinemagraph. Very nice work and very creative. I like how you only made half of her forearm move rather than her full arm. I think this ads a lot more to it. I wonder what it would look like if you had her eyes blink every now and again, but overall, nice work.

  2. Haha, okay, this look freaking creepy. I mean, you did the job well, but she is just starting… and brushing her teeth… haha, its crazy. lol. But i love your site. I was reading through your “how i changed the world” very impressive my brother. You got real talent and skills my friend. Keep doing your own thing and breaking outside the box. It would been kinda cool if her eyer were rolling around too, could look really… interesting 😉


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