Paul Chris Luke

My name is Chris Luke. I am a nerd, a student, and a music junkie. I believe that we each have a sphere of influence with which we can make that environment better… as we strive to give our time, talents, and service to make a true positive impact on the that sphere of influence our ability to help more people increases. While I don’t think any of the projects contained within this website have changed the world in the literal sense, they have changed the world in as far as I had the ability to reach. It is my deepest hope that someday I will be able to bring about positive change to the world as a whole… this website is dedicated to documenting my efforts in achieving that goal.

My range of skills spans across social media, visual media, and technical advertising. By day I manage a team of engineers for a VOIP company, by night I play with visual media and advertising concepts. Everything you see on this site was created by myself.

I’m glad you are here! Please take a look around…

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Resume available upon request.

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