Dodgeball World Record Attempt

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“I never thought something like this could be pulled off… leave it to Chris Luke to come with a massive dodgeball event, get it approved, and pull it off perfectly.” – Jace Kasteler, participant.

In the small northern town of Rexburg, ID. there are very few sporting activities one might consider playing mid-blizzard. Football is benched, Frisbee is postponed, and golf most certainly takes a rain check. As such, many students are left yearning for an outlet to play. Sure, basketball, racquetball, and studying are still around, but as a whole many students are left wanting. As such, I found myself in a position where students and faculty alike would come to me, wanting me to create an activity which would appeal to most of the campus population, and satisfy that yearning for competitive play.

I sat down, and cooked up a massive dodgeball event. Sure, we had small games already in place. Often times though, these were very competitive and the more recreational players shied away from the intensity.

This was to be one massive game, something which could appeal to a large spectrum of the student body. While the idea in itself seemed simple enough, getting approval for such an event was staggering. Initially rejected by campus administration, I went back to the drawing board to try to solve what I perceived might have been their problems with the idea.


I took these concerns, remade my proposal, and presented it again:

With new proposal in hand, I presented the idea before the Presidents council. With their concerns addressed, approval was received. Unfortunately, because of the many revisions and rejections we received, it left us with a short four weeks of time before the due date, instead of the anticipated two months. I formed a team of fifteen my most trusted volunteer leaders and we went to work.  What you see above is the final result of our efforts.

Still the most largely attended sporting event to date, we exceeded even our expectations. Here is one student’s video response to the event:

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