Light Painting

on Sep 26, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

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Barn Light Painting Paul Chris Luke Photography


9/21/2012 – 8:27:56 PM; 30.0 sec; f/8; ISO 400


9/21/2012 – 10:31:49 PM; 30.0 sec; f/16; ISO 400

Alright, so I will be the first one to say, “Light painting” is not my thing. Given the choice, I would choose shooting a human being ten out of ten times over shooting an object. Still, I feel like I gave these my best shot (pun intended!).

With the barn shot, I initially did not like the light streak across the barn entrance. However, as I viewed it more it kind of grew on me. To me, photography is about capturing a moment, and in that moment people were indeed in the barn. Three groups were fighting over the same space, and lighting conflicted. While this might not be the essence of light painting, it captured the moment of The series. After the HDR was put into place the overall photo was very bright. I burned/multiplied the darker sections, which gave the shot more depth.

I actually kind of like my boat shot. I love the strong sources of light that originate at the far left of the image. I increased the reds to bring out the canoe color… and that is about it! Per the landscape Light Painting style of Dave Black, minimal editing!

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