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on Oct 15, 2012 in Blog | 3 comments

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Macro Fly Strawberry Background Paul Chris Luke Photography

Macro Dew Drop Background Paul Chris Luke Photography

Macro Flower Background Paul Chris Luke Photography

Macro Rose Background Paul Chris Luke Photography

I enjoyed these macro images! I think my favorite image is the one of the fly of the strawberry. Don’t worry, no fly’s were hurt in the making of this photo! I increased the exposure to give it a white screen feel. Increased clarity of the fly in camera raw, and played with levels in photoshop. For the pink flower I increased the clarity and brightness of the water drop area, while decreasing the exposure of the surrounding area to give a vignette feel. For the white flower I increased clarity of the entire image and desaturated it. Using a colored paint brush I painted in a light coloring around the edges of the flower, to add some color to the predominantly white image. Finally, for the rose I increased the clarity of the center while blurring the surrounding edges. I decreased saturation to define the edges of the petals, and added a masked multiply layer at 50% to darken the edges.
-Paul Chris Luke



  1. Rebecca

    October 19, 2012

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    Chris…So the fly is a bit creepy to me but I love how tack sharp it is. Your creative eye with your macro flowers is perfect. Of course I love the water drops. The rose is my favorite with the center so focused in. Nice work!

  2. Julie Peterson

    October 19, 2012

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    Wow Chris I love the rose, it is absolutely beautiful! I also love the purple flower as well. I love the angles and the composition you were able to capture on your images. Beautiful job Chris!

  3. Kris Fryer

    October 19, 2012

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    Chris, these are awesome! I love the fly on the fruit! The water drop is also one of my favorites. Great job with your edits! These are some really great photos!

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