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Senior Glow Paul Chris Luke Photography

Brijin BW Cheerleader Paul Chris Luke Photography

Brijin Cheerleader Paul Chris Luke Photography

Brijin Couple Paul Chris Luke Photography

Brijin Side Gazer Paul Chris Luke Photography

Brijin Sun Flare Paul Chris Luke Photography

Group Senior Graduates Paul Chris Luke Photography

Mariah Gissel Candid Paul Chris Luke Photography

Mariah Gissel Paul Chris Luke Photography

Mariah Gissel Senior Photo Provo Paul Chris Luke Photography

I had a great time taking these graduate photos this week. I hope you like them! Feel free to give feedback in the comments section below! There are more photos from each model that I am still editing. However, the above photos give the best overview of the variety of photos I took. I like to get different angles, try different lighting and editing schemes. Some I sharpen and de-saturate, some I blur and warm the temperature… I wouldn’t say I have any defined “style” as of yet, and I don’t think I want to lock myself into one!


  1. Rebecca

    October 3, 2012

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    Hey Chris…nice job with the candid photos. So fun and refreshing! Your portraits are nice as well. I like the bottom 2 of Sam and how you captured him so uniquely. The one with Brijin and the sun flare is great. The rays coming through from behind are beautiful. I think your soft edits are perfect.

  2. tim wood

    October 4, 2012

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    AMAZING use of light! you’ve done such a good job capturing the sun for some of your shot, like the one you have featured in the panel. Wow, i can’t believe how well your portraits came out. I also like the natural ones, without much editing to them, it shows them for them, not something their not. So Good job. I also like the angles you’ve chosen. i bet you got your knees dirty! lol

  3. Jenny Bullock

    October 5, 2012

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    I absolutely LOVE your portraits! You have got some mad talent my friend! Your portraits just seem so fresh and unique, great style! There are a couple pictures I would suggest to make more vibrant and less white so maybe less sun glare? Just to give more variety. I’m still amazed at your talent! I do however seriously love that picture of the sun glare coming through her arm, and I love the shot of Sam with the ore. Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Brijin's mom

    October 5, 2012

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    Great! Please email me an 8×10 for printing of each photo that Brijin is in. THANKS!!

  5. Casey

    October 5, 2012

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    Your portraits are awesome! I especially love the one of Brijin where she is holding her hair and the sun is shining through. You have such creative shots. The angles are very unique which bring something new that no one else did. I like that, it shows that you have personality and that will set you apart from other photographers.

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