Portraits – Group Shots

on Oct 22, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

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Zach Sara Engagements Paul Chris Luke Photography

Zach Sara Engagements Packing Trip Paul Chris Luke Photography

Group Tie Groomsmen Paul Chris Luke Photography

Ethan Macy Engagements Paul Chris Luke Photography

I love group shots. I think they add a natural dynamic that candid and fun! For Zach and Sara’s shots, I went with a high contrast/sharpness look, with a de-saturated layer.

Even though Ethan and Macy are not a couple, they sure pull it off well! Added a heavier than usual vignette using a masked multiply layer.

Finally, with the shot of the guys and ties, I increased the temperature to make it warmer, and increased the sharpness of eyes/hair.

– Paul Chris Luke

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