Portraits – Jennah Coray

on Oct 21, 2012 in Blog | 0 comments

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Jenna Cowgirl Paul Chris Luke Photography

Jenna Fashion Paul Chris Luke Photography

Jenna Headshot Paul Chris Luke Photography



Jenna Stance Paul Chris Luke PhotographyJenna TableTop Paul Chris Luke PhotographyJenna Leanback Paul Chris Luke Photography

Jennah Coray was a wonderful model! I think my favorite shot here is my “lean-back” image. Mostly because it’s a pose I had never tried, and I think it turned out well! I increased the sharpness of most images using clarity brushes and sharpening masks. I used my usual techniques for the images, softening skin, sharpening eyes and hair, blurring/darkening most boarders etc. Coming from a very fundamentalist photo background, the crop of the head-shot of Jennah irked me a lot at first. Basic photo rules would dictate that cutting off the chin and top of the head is a big NO NO! However, I think it worked in this image, what do you think?

– Paul Chris Luke

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