Why I Take Pictures

on Oct 9, 2012 in Blog | 1 comment

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Dreaming of the Stars Paul Chris Luke Photography Rexburg, ID, Moon

Walt Disney once said of pictures, “Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.” I believe this to be true. No matter what culture, society, or demographic you fall into, pictures still speak the same to everyone. Whether you are rich or poor, speak Russian or English, we all feel the same emotions when we see a picture. Whatever your origin, when we see the picture of a man standing in front of a row of tanks in Tiananmen Square we see a symbol of courage. When we see a picture of Albert Einstein sticking his tongue out, we laugh at his quirky attitude. A picture from the moon looking down on our tiny planet earth has the ability to communicate the same feeling to every one of its billions of inhabitants.

Ever since the beginning of time we as human beings have had some desire to treasure up and keep those memories we cherish most. We are the only creatures on this earth that do that. No other animal draws on the sand, paints on the wall, or takes pictures. This leads me to believe that it has something to do with our soul. So, I honor my soul. I carry a camera, take pictures, and help encapsulate those memories we will treasure forever.

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  1. Rebecca Grace

    October 16, 2012

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    Chris, I can’t believe you quoted Walt Disney! Love him and love this quote. This is so true and I enjoyed your thoughts on this. Keep that camera with you and capture those memories that will be treasured forever!

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