UI/UX + WebApp Development Project

Bill Bensley


I was looking for a way for people to get lost in the world of bensley. An "infinite" portfolio of my work over the years.

Bensley , CEO at Bill Bensley

3D World Building Portfolio Gallery

A creative concept peice intended for bensley.com. An "infinite" way to explore Bill Bensley's 300,000 image asset portfolio, his "world". To demonstrate the concept we built an MVP using Unity, and deployed it using webGL and our backend API meredith-core to do image delivery. The world globe is built using a random and dynamic assortment of the image library. If brought live, heavy optimizations would need to be done, as well as a re-factor to allow better lighting changes to the entire site, not just the globe.

UI/UX + WebApp Development
Time Frame
8 Weeks
Fun concept!