CRO + Email Marketing Project



Paul is a force to be reckoned with. He is undeniably talented and is able to focus in on what the message is that needs to come across in the marketing piece. Our company is drowning in multiple marketing needs and Paul is able to allocate the resources needed for each piece and execute a plan of action. He has an uncanny ability to draw the vision out of the client and put it into marketing action. Our first email campaign brought in a 60% open rate through Paul's writing. This is up from our typical 20-25% open rate. The feedback, interaction and response rate from our clients from this campaign is priceless. The best move we ever made as a company with Paul's guidance. You would be a fool to not hire him.

Jane , CEO at Dentech

SaaS Full Stack Marketing

We handle full stack marketing for Dentech. Initially started as an email marketing consultant, we have achieved an average of 60% open rate for our email, with click rates and conversions to match. Later, we redesigned and developed a new website, email automations, social media campaigns. The works!

CRO + Email Marketing
Time Frame
36 Weeks
Shopify + Hubspot
60% Open Rate