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Responsive, Sexy, Web Design…

How to Connect to RDP from Excel VBA Macro

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Let me be the first to say that I don’t expect anyone to read this post. I am merely using this venue as a way to make my own personal notes on how I solved a huge frustration for me doing a task at work which required logging into multiple machines per day. If by some chance you found this content and it helped you or you have questions, leave a comment! Problem: I have to log into multiple hosts using rdp (mstc /admin) per day. Clicking start > Run > mstsc /admin [hostname] took forever. I would type the commands, copy the hostname, paste… overall that simple process took around 15 seconds. Now, 15 seconds does not seem like a lot of time at first. However, connect to 100 hosts today and you’ve spent 25 minutes simply connecting to machines. Thats around 100 hours per year wasted. Having a button which is able to rdp from excel with one click would be much...

Why YTMA Was a Major Fail… #awkward

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YouTube’s effect on the music industry is a phenomenon. Effectively turning conventional methods of achieving musical success on its head, YouTube allows what would normally be an unknown individual to reach their audience directly, sharing their talents with the world. Artists such as Lindsey Stirling, PSY, and Boyce Avenue have all benefited from millions of views and exposure through the YouTube experience. It should be no surprise that YouTube has a desire to make the move to conventional award shows for the artists that bring billions of hits to their site. Thus the YouTube Music Awards (#YTMA) were born. In concept, the whole things makes sense. Gather your stars, hand out awards, and film it… simple right? Unfortunately for YTMA, the internet was not pleased with the results. Averaging around 180,000 audience members watching the event live on YouTube, twitter was ablaze with...


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Thoughts onto paper…


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Capturing the world, one snap at a time…


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T-shirts, Smart Water marketing campaign, movie posters, oh my!

Hi! My name is Chris Luke, and I just failed my unsuccessful Upstart campaign

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I’ve always been obsessed with working at Google someday. So naturally when I heard about former Google executive Dave Girouard’s new company, Upstart, I was intrigued. Upstart is a funding platform much like Kickstarter, but for people rather than companies or ideas. “Backers” can invest money into you, for a small percentage of your annual income over the next 10 years. Backers have the option of investing money only, or make an offer of funding along with an offer of mentorship. I don’t know if it was the clean website design, the impressive profiles of the company supporters, or the inspiring text beckoning me to sign up… but I did. “I have potential!” I cried, and I quickly went about setting up an account. Right from the start I felt special, which I think is Upstarts best quality. After making my account, I received an email from Cindy, an Upstart Operations Manager. She was...

Rich and Delaney – Rexburg Winter Engagements

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I love these two people! While most of the time you can see them laughing, goofing around, and having fun (as is expected when  you’re in love), there are some moments of striking GQ moments! We trotted around the mills by the haunted swing set in Rexburg, Idaho. However, the wind was beating us up, so we moved to the urban areas of Rexburg, finally ending in the BYU-Idaho gardens (always a good choice). We had a blast, and it only took about an hour! Which one are your favorites? -Paul Chris...